BOO's Place

Welcome to BOO's Place!

You are entering a place where it is Halloween year-round for just one black kitten....BOO.  She was born on a night where the Full Moon rose high in the sky with the most interesting glow that many believe was the soul of the Goddess Selene.   She wanted the World to know how lucky it was to have a black cat in their lives, so she formed the black kitten, BOO, as a special symbol to Mankind.  In addition, this most precious gift was to remain enchanted in the Day of the Dead, Hallow's Eve, for all Eternity.  There she would encourage the children to dress up and run from house to house, begging for treats to put in their bags that they carried.  

The Great Pumpkin

Born into a magickal pumpkin patch, BOO found herself wandering through colorful pumpkins growing on the various vines that swept across the grassy field.  Soon, an image as large as the trees that bordered the patch came into view.  "Hello BOO!  We have been waiting for your arrival!" said the enormous pumpkin, Jack-o-Lantern.  Staring into the glowing orange lights of the mysterious figure, the curious kitten felt a warm, purring sensation rise from her lungs as she replied, "Thank you!  I'm very glad to meet you!"  The Giant Pumpkin felt his glow increase from the love the beautiful kitten emitted.  "I am Jack-o-Lantern.  Welcome to my patch!  Let me show you around!" he spoke.

A Patch of Plenty

As the two began their steps through the patch, one by one the pumpkins began to awaken and glow with delight!  "These are my children.  Each was born here, just as you were.  However, they will one day leave this patch and become a light source for the people of this land as well as a beacon of protection against the Dark Forces that want to breach the barrier to our enchanting home."

The Darkness

Peering from the withered trees and foggy atmosphere covering the outside of home that now welcomed BOO, a mysterious figure whose head was the image of a glowing pumpkin dressed up with an old, curled witch's hat and the gown of a black reaper listened to Jack-o-Lantern welcome the new arrival.  "Now THERE is a Magic unlike any I have seen before!  She must be mine to possess!" it howled through the still night.

Unrest in the Wind

"What was that?" BOO cried.  Suddenly the innocent kitten's purr ceased to delight the large pumpkin's soul.  "That is just the wind," he jested.  "Let us go to where you can find shelter and a good meal."

Soon the pair again traveled the pumpkin patch, Jack-o-Lantern guiding the path with his heartening glow.

Tale of a Witch

A quick meal consisting of various Halloween treats and cider filled the young kitten's tummy to its capacity.  "That was delicious!" BOO exclaimed!  "I'm glad you liked it!  It's now time for you to meet the others who have patiently awaited your presence," Jack-o-Lantern explained.  

Among the many pumpkin-shaped buildings stood a figure, her long hair somewhat hidden beneath a brimmed hat with a point at the top.  "This is Eudora!  She has much to teach you," the giant pumpkin spoke.  "Hello BOO!  I am Eudora!  It is my great honor to take a young apprentice into my world of sorcery!"  the aging figured expressed.  "It's good to meet you Eudora!" BOO once again replied, her purr returning as the black feline felt at ease again."

A Time for Magick

Hours passed as Eudora and BOO captured the night, a time when Halloween is at its strongest.  BOO learned that her power was just as powerful as the the light Jack-o-Lantern's children's glowed in passing.  "It is important that you remember everything that I have taught you BOO.  One day you will be tested, as I cannot hold back the Darkness that lingers in the shadows.,"  Eudora warned.  "I hope that I am strong enough," BOO replied, her voice pitched slightly lower than usual.  It was a sign that the young one wasn't as sure of herself as the others seemed to believe.

The Darkness is Near

Scattered among the long stretch of homes were various disguised, smaller figures.  "These are the children of our town, hidden behind the costumes that ward off anything of a Dark nature.   Keep a watchful eye tonight.  I feel the threat is closer than I would prefer," Eudora painted for the lone kitten to see.   BOO's golden eyes widened as she looked all around, her voice silent as the wind began to blow harder.

A Strange Change

Following close behind the children, BOO and Jack-o-Lantern smiled in delight at the sights and sounds of children racing from to home, their bags filling with a treasure of goodies.  

As one child crept upon a house just outside of the busy street, suddenly a neighboring tree began to glow a bright green.  Its slanted eyes and crooked mouth caused the costumed visitor to stop its approach, now shivering in fear.  "Come a little closer," the animated tree beckoned the child.  BOO watched the caped youngster began to move forward to where the animated tree stood.  She could tell the child was under some sort of spell, a trick Eudora taught BOO to recognize.  "STOP!"  Boo shouted.  "Don't move any closer!"  

The End Draws Near

Jack-o-Lantern's carved eyes and mouth grew brighter, a fierce fire of yellow and orange poured out as he faced the shapeshifter.  "Watch out BOO!" he screamed, his piercing shriek causing the kitten to halt her approach.  The enormous pumpkin placed himself between the child and BOO, hoping that the eerie figure would shift his attention on his fiery gaze.  Within seconds, the mysterious figure turned its eyes and suddenly Jack-o-Lantern found himself in the midst of a death-defying situation.  The two battled in a rage of furious proportion, onlookers watching as the giant pumpkin began to slowly fade away.  "NOOO!!!" BOO shrieked in horror, her eyes still as wide as the moon was full.  Bravely, the black kitten raced to save her friend from a master of sorcery and witchcraft.  

Forever Bonded

Coming into view, the glowing tree changed its attention once again while Jack-o-Lantern struggled to stay within the Earthly Realm.  Needing to come fully to reveal itself to the naive kitten, the shape now resembled the character that Eudora warned BOO about.  "You will not win!"  her feline voice threatened.  Reaching back into her memory, BOO suddenly began to chant a spell that the witch taught her apprentice.  "Now is not your time.  Now is not your turn.  Flee back before you burn!"  

Within seconds Jack-o-Lantern grew larger than ever before and his fiery glaze began to pierce the shadowed enemy.  Feeling the heat of the charmed pumpkin, the stranger was forced to return the tree to its original form.  No longer was there a visible threat to their charmed town.  "Thank you BOO!  You saved us all!" said Jack-o-Lantern, his fiery glow now back to a delightful hue.  

As the children and citizens of the forever Halloween town began to dance and cheer, BOO smiled and nuzzled the autumn-colored pumpkin friend.  "I couldn't have done it without you!" she heartened.  From that moment on, BOO and Jack-o-Lantern guarded their precious home from the Darkness that somewhere retreated to.  Without knowing where to find the mysterious threat's hideout, BOO continued to stand guard night after night.  Always close by was her faithful friend, Jack-o-Lantern.  That is why whenever you visit the Halloween town you will be greeted by a black kitten sitting upon a carved pumpkin companion.  Her place, always present, assures that visitors and residents will forever be safe from harm.

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